2010 Deer Industry Environmental Awards Winner

//2010 Deer Industry Environmental Awards Winner

2010 Deer Industry Environmental Awards Winner

***Winner*** Firstlight Award for Total Committment to Sustainability

This was awarded in recognition of Peel Forest Estate’s commitment to proving environmental and production systems while using innovative technique for the long-tem benefits of the industry.

The judges were impressed by the extensive amenity plantings on the property, which provides a sheltered environment for sustainable productons.

As well as this they were impressed with the total commitment to mitigate negative environmental issues associated with farming activities.

They noted amongst so many features the quality of the stock , their background and care:

  • The impressive stream realignment and restoration of waterways; including extensive double fencing of waterways and conservation of wetlands, improving water and soil quality.
  • The excellent use of genetics to increase production, improve the quality and marketable traits of deer throughout the deer industry and the total commitment to breeding resilience to Johne’s diseas.
  • The more intangible but very significant contribution to indurstry promotion, excellence in performace and Graham Carr’s personal contributions to industry events and the public face of Deer Farming.
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