3yr old Trophy Stags for Sale 2017 – Private Treaty

/3yr old Trophy Stags for Sale 2017 – Private Treaty
3yr old Trophy Stags for Sale 2017 – Private Treaty2017-08-11T13:36:28+00:00

This sales season we are selling our 3yr old Trophy stags by private treaty. There is a fixed price and they are for sale now. If you would like to come and view the stags AT ANY TIME feel free to contact us and arrange a time. We will also arrange a viewing at 12pm in the MAIN DEERSHED – 10th January 2017.

New video - 7th January 2017 (or scroll down for individual video's)

Splitting brows with length showing in most of every other tyne. Chilled out stag coming from a double cross of Chancellor Peel. Attractive wide head.

Very multi-pointed royals with split trays right to the base of main beam. Strong beam and clean, long bottom tynes. Dark powerful antler in the style of Bowman who is leaving great tops. 20×20 in the crown and still going. He’s as good as it gets!

Very heavy antler with tops still splitting on 1202. He is wide and very quiet and out of a first calver by young stag Tomo who has left some impressive stags out of a small mob of hinds he had. Top stag. Peel Forest are to retain 100 straws.

This is a big structure on a 3ry old stag. Spread and beam are very good. Another Tomo who has impressed.

Another very strong head from the Bowman line. Tops still splitting 15×15 so far with 3 way split in his right tray and long front gear. Full of potency with a lot of Furzeland blood in both sire and dam lines.

Very strong dam line with 06328 first son by Mega Peel sold in 2013 to Stu Henderson for $18,500. Tops have a way to go with many still splitting. Has the length of main beam from his sire, Milo.

Amazing, wide looking antler. Super wide with huge lower tynes. Main beam is long and very thick. Imagine how he will look at maturity.

Very big stag with huge beam, very similar to a stag we sold called Zippo. Tops still developing on a grunty head.

Outward flowing head, everything goes the right way on 884. With Jamieson on the bottom line points will only get stronger with age. Will mature into a very big antler.

869 is a little later in his top development. Lots of bulb about to break out. He was a 27 point 2yr old with great length and long front three. This year looks to be the jump we would expect coming from Big Ben bloodline.

794 has great beam with a huge bulb of royal mas about to throw many points. He is later than the others but will be one to watch develop.

452 is by a full brother to The Duke we used as a 2yr old, and was then sold in the 2015 sale to Paul Webb. 086 on the bottom line is a full sister to Chancellor Peel. Heavy beam here, wide and clean.

Great lower tynes, wide and heavy. A lot of top still to come. A clean style with excellent velvet and trophy in one attractive looking stag. Would have cut well over 7kg at velvet stage.