Project Description

Archer (photographed at 4yrs old) is a very attractive, heavy looking Trophy sire. As you can see from his photo’s he has serious mass, multi points with stretch coming from the bottom side. The pedigree is a perfect balance of scoring ability and length.

His Sire, Bowman, has been leaving some very nice animals for us with huge potency much like Chancellor Peel. We are really looking forward to seeing Archer’s progeny come through the system as the potency in his pedigree would indicate he’ll pass on the same.

Archer scored 596 sci at the National Rising Stars competition as a 4 yr old.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
3 20.5kg (wet) 41 NA
4 20.6kg, 44in long 52 596
5 growing 2019/20