Big Ben

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Project Description

Big Ben

The huge width of Big Ben is without doubt spectacular. Hi inside spread of 39 inches and outside spread of 60 inches are colossal for a stag so young (6yrs).

The addition of very strong bottom tynes as well as impressive multi-tops make this wonderful Pure English stag the complete package.

The depth of proven bloodlines throughout his pedigree is unmatched with his potency pass-on ability that we know the Pure English stags possess.

Big Ben has loads of R2 males that will be grown out this year and we are really excited to see how they look.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
4 33 462 3/8
5 16kg, 46in long 41 574
6 16.8kg 44 598

Big Ben Pedigree