Rob Roy

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Project Description

Rob Roy

Rob Roy, son of Ryan, brought a new bloodline to the stud. He offered a genetic outcross as he came from the Romulus line, an earlier excellent Furzeland Sire. As a 2 year old Rob Roy had a magnificent set of antler and stood out in very good company. In 2010 he had a large line-up in the sale, all showing his excellent antler characteristics. The top son being 06018 fetched the top price of the sale, with all the offspring performing strongly. His style of antlers is of a type that we endeavour to breed in the future….heavy round beam with excellent length in the lower tynes and a long overall aspect with multiple, high scoring tops. Rob Roy is the ultimate Sire. The females retained in the stud will carry on his wonderful legacy.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
1 121kg 3.5kg
2 7.6kg 27 369 2/8
3 10.85kg 32 432
4 12.05kg 33 473 2/8
5 14.15kg 32 503
6 15.40kg 37 547
7 288kg 17.10kg 35 551
8 19.4kg
9 45 619
Rob Roy Pedigree

Progeny of Rob Roy