Project Description


“SOVEREIGN” is a genuine Pure Warnham Park stag that was bred at a totally Pure Warnham Park herd farmed at Midmar Castle Estate, Scotland. All the foundation males and females were purchased from Warnham’s Bailinghill farm, and no other outside bloodlines were added to the Midmar herd.

“Sovereign” is a direct descendant of Warnham “Rowland”, “Roger” and the great “King David”. In April 2006, I visited Midmar Castle in Scotland, and “Sovereign” was just starting to grow very heavy velvet. I examined and held his five year old set of antlers which were quite extraordinary. He had good tyne placement and extremely thick beams, but above all they were hugely multi-pointed. Even with growing his head in Scotland he has achieved extremely heavy velvet and a world class S.C.I. Just imagine what these genetics will be capable of under New Zealand climatic conditions.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
4 47 Points SCI 494
5 49 Points SCI 525
Sovereign Pedigree