Project Description

WHITE is exactly that. Not cream colored or ‘champagne’ but very white. He has a classical style of antler with very thick beam and lovely bottom three tynes.  His width is impressive at 34 inches and posses good length. We have been using him as our master sire for our white line of deer here at Peel Forest and his progeny are also very white. His first crop of 2yr olds will be grown out this 2020/2021 season so we are excited to see the outcomes of that.

His pedigree is strong with Big Mac adding the mass and Rob Roy leaving the classical style. Dam 10069 is a pure Furzeland hind who carrys high scoring ability with this bloodline.

If your looking at introducing some white deer into your herd then using this stag will certainly do that. Available in the USA, Argentina and Australia.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
6 34in, 41 long, 15.4kg stripped 24 TBC