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New branding - An Estate of Excellence

  • Our commitment to this industry has not waivered in the 35 years since Graham Carr originally set up Peel Forest Estate.

    Most industries are cyclical in nature, and ours is no different. It needs a special kind of determination to keep the faith, and a firm commitment to ride out the difficult times to come out better in the good times.

    Our determination and success is captured by  a very simple philosophy, a quest for excellence in all we do. From innovation through genetics, to animal husbandry techniques, and responding to changing market demand and value-adding opportunities, we continue in our quest for excellence.

    That’s what our new brand is all about. We’re proud of our new look because it sets us up for our future development, both here in New Zealand and export markets. Importantly it serves as a constant reminder that good enough isn’t in our ongoing search for excellence - in everything we do.