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Forrester Auction - 11th December 2023

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11th December 2023

Wednesday 11th December 2023 from 12pm.
Auction at 1pm, viewing from 12pm


NB: Photos updated all updated

Withdrawn Lots:

- Lot 30 (will be sold in the January sale as he cut 8.68kg) of perfect velvet

- Lot 46 (not suitable for sale)


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As the stag sale season approaches, you're likely contemplating the stag power available on your farm. This year has proven to be quite interesting for us as deer farmers. A change in Government has been warmly received, alongside an increase in the scheduled price for venison. Hopefully, this shift will alleviate some of the pressure stemming from cumbersome regulations, allowing us to focus on producing the finest meat protein in the world without unnecessary distractions.

Venison has emerged as one of the better performing stock classes recently, and I anticipate this positive trend to continue upwards over the next few years. Our product is gaining significant traction beyond Europe, particularly in the USA. This bodes well for a sustained and more stable scheduled price, enabling us to retain our weaners for longer, allowing them to reach their full potential. It's disheartening to have to slaughter them prematurely when they're hitting their optimum growth rates.

Once again, the stags exhibit impressive qualities, and we are thrilled with this year's offerings. We've selected a variety of stags suitable for both rugged high country and areas with easier terrain. This year, we feature some remarkable Pure English stags boasting impressive stats, alongside a few with a touch more Euro appeal for clients who prefer it. I trust there's a stag or two to suit everyone's preferences. Notably, this year's sale stags do not include any progeny from our Embryo Transplant program due to COVID's impact on our operations that year. However, this setback hasn't affected our ability to select and offer quality stags for sale.

The velvet removal process has been highly successful, and I've observed that many are now yielding over 6kg. This not only helps cover the stag's costs based on its velvet merits alone but also contributes significantly to the bottom line through the additional spiker velvet he will produce. This year's lineup (of what's been cut) averages 6.4 kg.

It's gratifying to see Magnum's offspring back on offer after his one-year hiatus from breeding. He is a magnificent Pure English sire who has made a substantial impact on our Forrester program. His progeny exhibits excellent conformation, quality velvet, sound temperament, and impressive statistics to support their value.

Once again, BIDR will facilitate online bidding in real-time for those unable to attend the sale in person. More information is available in the catalogue.

We extend a warm invitation to all potential buyers to view the stags leading up to the sale. Please feel free to contact Mark at 0277799008 to arrange private viewings.