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Coco bloodlines have been very successful crossing with all types of breeds here at Peel Forest. He has extreme wide spread with very heavy beam. Coco has multi pointed royal tynes, which he passes on to his progeny. Many of our top young animals coming through are sons of Coco. His antler is very attractive with an eye-catching outline. All who see him are drawn to the style and impressive width of this very handsome Stag. Coco daughters are producing excellent young stags with the strong trait of wide spread.


  • Coco

    • Cobana

      • Windsor

        • Harvey

        • Y405

      • 98Y019

        • Cobalt

        • 91W226

    • 01G799

      • Atlantis

        • Hercules

        • 95Y582

      • 98Y077

        • Toray

        • 95Y888