Commander Peel

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Commander Peel won the National 2yr Hard Antler Competition in 2007, with a SCI of 409. He is a son of Chancellor Peel with the infusion of Adonis on his Dam side (a past world record HA sire and half Furzeland also). He has progressed on, grown some very impressive antler as he has matured and always catches the eye. Commander leaves very multi-pointed tops with heavy beam and quiet often double kickers.


  • Commander Peel

    • Chancellor Peel

      • Jamieson

        • Heinrich

        • SO8612

      • 4324

        • 82W21

        • 82W210

    • 60

      • Adonis

        • Barron

        • 5109

      • 73

        • Brian

        • 2049