Ned Kelly

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Ned Kelly, a son of the powerful Sire Nixon, has great tyne placement with very good beam and length between tynes and a fantastic outcrop of tops.

The pedigree is stacked with super star sires throughout and great hinds too. 011003 is a full sister to Charlie Mac and Lora is well known in the industry. At 2yrs old Ned Kelly had a very attractive 34 point head and his 3yr old head had 42 points, scoring an impressive 482SCI.

We have used Ned Kelly in the 2016 breeding season to some of our top hinds here at Peel Forest and we are excited to see the outcome. Judging from sires like Nixon and Chancellor Peel his heritability will be very strong. Nixon has produced a 600 SCI 3yr old and Chancellor Peel has produced a 900 SCI (leon).


  • Ned Kelly

    • Nixon

      • Brunsnik

        • Laszlo

        • Lora

      • 066010TOW

        • Lancaster

        • 011003PEL

    • 09939CRW

      • CPDG

        • Chancellor Peel

        • P5

      • 04421TOW

        • King

        • 022001