SCI at 3yrs
701 inches
Number of points at 3yrs:
Inside span at 3yrs:
27 inches
39 inches
Hard Antler weight (stripped):
12mth liveweight:

Antonio, captured here at the tender age of 3, showcases an impressive and awe-inspiring set of antlers that belies his young years. Not only does he boast an astounding score of over 700 inches, but his antler configuration exhibits impeccable style, featuring well-spaced tynes that culminate in a remarkable cluster of crowning points. This remarkable stag exemplifies the pinnacle of our breeding objectives at Peel Forest.

The pedigree of Antonio reveals a lineage steeped in exceptional genetics, with a particular emphasis on mass. Ancestral influences from the likes of 403, The Duke, and Archer are evident in their substantial frames. Antonio embodies the complete package, seamlessly blending style, mass, and a remarkable scoring potential, making him an invaluable asset to enhance these qualities within your own herd.



  • Antonio

    • Archer

      • Bowman

        • Chancellor Peel

        • 05197

      • 102234

        • Sir Ed

        • 07095

    • 161623

      • 13523

        • The Duke

        • 09617

      • 14497

        • 403-Spotsburn

        • 102235

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