SCI at 8yrs
741 inches
SCI at 5yrs
638 inches
SCI at 3yrs:
545 inches
SCI at 4yrs:
583 inches
Year of Birth:
44 inches at 7yrs
24 inches
Antler Weight:
25.7 kg at 7yrs

Buster is an impressive stag in every way. Huge powerful antler , with incredible beam, long heavy tines and a fantastic spread of 58 inches. On removal of his antlers we are thrilled to announce his antler weighed an amazing 22.8kgs unstripped at just 3years old.

At 5yrs he has scored a very impressive 638 IOA and it weighed 23.3kg fully stripped. An absolute huge mass of antler. With 43 inches in length and 13 inch beam circumference this head certainly has the wow factor

An ideal sire for those looking to breed high class CIC and eye catching SCI trophies. He measured 583sci (including burrs and spread) in the National Rising Stars competition at 4yrs old.


  • Buster

    • 403-Spotsburn

      • Adonis

        • Terminator

        • Leanna

      • Highlander Female

        • Highlander

        • English

    • 12197

      • General

        • Motdonis

        • 3613LO

      • 07012

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