SCI at 3yrs
613 inches
Number of Points:
32 inches
Hard Antler Weight (stripped):
12mth Kg:

Presented here at the age of 3, Cayenne showcases a remarkable and expansive style, with multiple striking tops. His lower tynes are very long, with distinctive split T1's and T3's. Notably, this stag possesses an exceptional attraction, characterized by correct spacing and a refined aesthetic.

Cayenne truly commanded attention in the paddock, igniting our excitement as we eagerly anticipate his continued growth and development.

Examining his lineage reveals an exquisite blend of influential sires. The Duke contributed strength and power, while Davidson enhanced his scoring prowess. Lincoln adds width and elegance, and Jamieson, an esteemed figure within the industry, brought forth that undeniable "wow" factor. Also worth noting is the powerful dam of the Sire, 14498, being a fill sister to Barkley.

Cayenne stands as yet another exemplary representation of the excellent Trophy genetics here at Peel Forest Estate, exemplifying wide-ranging appeal, and an undeniable magnetism.


  • Cayenne

    • 16434

      • 13523

        • The Duke

        • 09617

      • 14498

        • Davidson

        • 102278

    • 171083

      • TODD

        • Lincoln

        • 1126TC

      • 07071

        • Jamieson

        • 05543TF

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