SCI at 2yrs
499 inches
Year of Birth:
44 inches at 3yrs
38 at 3yrs
32 inches inside at 3yrs
Antler Weight:
15.4 kg at 3yrs
Live Weight at 12mths:
129 kg

14072MC (or Rose as we call her) is a full sister to Hunter, the recent world record who scored 817 SCI at 6yrs of age. Rose is arguably our best trophy hind of the farm or very close to it with Daisy and she is leaving some exceptional progeny. We could have chosen several of her 2yr olds for this export program as they were all very nice stags (she flushed well in ET program).

Crossing Prometheus over Rose has been a very nice mix, and Crypto (499 SCI at 2yrs) has fantastic length, width and tops. We think the photos speak for themselves. Top shelf pedigree and top shelf stag.


  • Crypto

    • Prometheus

      • Phantasos

        • Morpheus

        • Y05124

      • YY1393

        • Huneric

        • YB9208

    • Rose 14072MC

      • Davidson

        • Harley

        • 162Yellow

      • P299

        • Achillies

        • W15