SCI at 3yrs
590 inches
Sci at 2yrs:
466 inches
Year of Birth:
44 inches at 4yrs
35 inches inside at 4yrs
48 at 4yrs
Antler Weight:
13.9 kg at 4yrs
Live Weight at 12mths:
124 kg

Curly had huge structure at 2yr old and again at 3yrs (590 SCI at 3yrs). With a very impressive 41 inch main beam length and equally impressive 31 inch inside spread at 3yrs this stag will breed the type of heads that look so good through the hunters scope. He has lovely long tops and bottoms with correct spacing. Scoring 466 SCI at 2yrs and 590 SCI at 3yrs with these attributes is pretty exciting.

Every sire in this pedigree is a winner. Tenby who scores 710 IOA is a half brother to Rockafella and Daisy. Salvador – 2yr HA Champion 2004. The granddam 05503TC is full sister to Discombe 2yr HA Champion 2008 and Holy Oak 3yr HA Champion 2009. Tarentino scored an impressive 756 IOA with 67 inch spread, Davidson scored 751 IOA and won the National Velvet & Trophy Antler Competition 2012 and finally Milo who score 638 IOA with big structure coming from his sire Coco. The dam 151618 was flushed in ET program that year and produced 4 outstanding two year olds last season.


  • Curly

    • Tenby

      • Tarentino

        • Amadeus

        • 325TF

      • 08817TC

        • Salvador

        • 05503TC

    • 151618

      • Davidson

        • Harley

        • 162Yellow

      • 121067

        • Milo

        • 0713RD