SCI at 3yrs
531 inches
Number of Points:
36 inches
Hard Antler kg (stripped):
14.1 kg
12mth Kg:

Introducing Jeremy, a prime example of the exceptional style we strive to produce here at Peel Forest Estate. Pictured here at 3yrs, Jeremy embodies the ideal characteristics of a trophy antler, as evident in his photos. His antlers boast immaculate bottom 3's, with correct spacing heading into elongated open tops. This particular type of antler holds immense appeal in the world of safari hunting, making Jeremy an outstanding choice for those seeking impeccable antler conformation.

Furthermore, Jeremy's pedigree is nothing short of brilliance. With the impressive lineage of our top-notch breeding program, it's no surprise that he possesses one of the smartest pedigrees you'll find. All three hinds in his bottom line are ET donors, contributing to the success of our breeding endeavors. Not to mention, 1218MC, a prolific producer of stars, adds another layer of distinction to Jeremy's genetic heritage. When you combine these remarkable hinds with the renowned bloodlines of Dusky, Davidson, and Milo, it becomes evident why Jeremy exudes exceptional style and quality.


  • Jeremy

    • Dusky

      • Chancellor Peel

        • Jamieson

        • 4324

      • 1218MC

        • Davidson

        • R34

    • 14436

      • Davidson

        • Harley

        • 162Yellow

      • 121067

        • Milo

        • 0713RD

  • ;