SCI at 3yrs:

588 inches

Number of Points:



37 inches

Hard Antler Weight (Stripped):


12mth Kg:


Shown here at the age of 3, Louie emerged as an exceptional stag, standing out among his peers in the 3-year-old paddock. Boasting a remarkable combination of power and elegance, he possesses a commanding presence with his grunty beam and an lovely display of tops. Regrettably, due to his placement in a separate paddock, we were unable to capture a photograph of him in his natural habitat. Nevertheless, his exceptional qualities have propelled him to secure a spot in the sire mob.

Louie undoubtedly possesses the potential to develop into a truly remarkable stag, boasting not only substantial mass but also remarkable scoring prowess. His lineage represents a culmination of top-tier genetics, with a masterful blend of Archer, Davidson, and Megapeel bloodlines. Archer contributes a remarkable bulk, Davidson enhances his scoring abilities, while Megapeel imparts a touch of style, ensuring a truly formidable combination.



  • Louie

    • Archer

      • Bowman

        • Chancellor Peel

        • 05197

      • 102234

        • Sir Ed

        • 07095

    • 14410

      • Davidson

        • Harley

        • 162Yellow

      • 10707

        • Mega Peel

        • 07069