SCI at 2yrs
462 inches
Year of Birth:
38 inches at 3yrs
49 at 3yrs
24 inches inside at 3yrs
Antler Weight:
14.9 kg at 3yrs

Nasdaq is a full embryo brother to Yankee. What an incredible pedigree with the well proven Prometheus over Daisy (Olympus mother). She is a full sister to Rockafella who we purchased as a yearling for world record price and she certainly hasn’t disappointed producing Olympus, Charlie, Yankee and Nasdaq. Prometheus has just sire’d an incredible 2yr old this season smashing records with a SCI score of 840 at 2yrs. With a pedigree like this you simply cant miss.

Nasdaq has a very heavy beam for a two year old, with very nice tops and splitting T3’s. He is a very nice Daisy son who will go on to be a massive heavy head.


  • Nasdaq

    • Prometheus

      • Phantasos

        • Morpheus

        • Y05124

      • YY1393

        • Huneric

        • YB9208

    • Daisy

      • Lincoln

        • Hanson

        • Y22

      • 08817TC

        • Salvador

        • 05503TC