SCI at 2yrs
685 inches
SCI at 3yrs
788 inches
Year of Birth:
65 at 3yrs
39 inches at 4yrs
Antler Weight:
19.7kg at 4yrs
Live Weight at 12mths:
108 kg

Olympus is simply outstanding. At only 2yrs of age he has produced an incredible 685 SCI of very attractive antler. This score is officially measured by a Master Measurer – Don Greig.

He has width, length, massive bottom 3’s ( bez and trez tynes over 20 inches) and huge cluster of tops. At he time he was the largest 2yr old ever produced worldwide. A year later at 3yrs of age he scores a whopping 788 7/8 SCI with a total of 73 scorable points.

His pedigree is insane. The Dam – Daisy is a full sister to Rockafella – 2016 National 2yr Hard Antler Champion 548 IOA (including burrs and spread) and 639 IOA at 3yrs of very attractive style. He also sired the a 3yr old that sold for a whopping $390,000 NZD. She is also a full sister to Trump who broke world record for 1yr old with 630 IOA. Daisy is also half sister to Tenby who scores 710 IOA and her pedigree is also stacked with other champions. Hansen – 1yr, 2yr and 3yr HA Champion 2005, 2006 and 2007, Lincoln – 1yr HA Champion 2010 and 3rd 3yr HA comp in 2013, Salvador – 2yr HA Champion 2004. The granddam 05503TC is full sister to Dicombe 2yr HA Champion 2008 and HOLY OAK 3yr HA Champion 2009.

Rigby is a son of Leon, the highest scoring stag in the industry by a country mile. Rigby was the  National 3yr HA Champion and his latest score this year was a whopping 860 IOA which would of made him a world record if shot.


  • Olympus

    • Rigby

      • Leon

        • Chancellor Peel

        • 504ROK

      • 0081TF

        • Moccona

        • 05504TF

    • Daisy

      • Lincoln

        • Hanson

        • Y22

      • 08817TC

        • Salvador

        • 05503TC