SCI at 5yrs
336 inches
22 inch circumference

Sako is a very attractive looking Fallow buck with Hungarian bloodlines. He has lovely looking palms with his better side at 22 2/8 inch circumference. The thing we really like about Sako is his style. Looking front on you can see his palms which are complimented with great spread. The other great aspect is there is no break in his palms. We are very much trying to breed ‘spoon’ type palms with lots of fingers coming off, and he certainly has this.

He has solid body conformation and stands proud in the paddock. We are really looking forward to seeing his progeny next year.

His semen has been collected by DR Mike Bringans at 50 million and 70% motility and collected for the USA.


  • Sako

    • Hungarian

    • Hungarian