The Duke

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The Duke is a young sire who already is showing a high degree of pass-on to his off spring. He has huge beam inherited from his sire 403-Spotsburn. He also grows an extra bay sometimes on both sides. His tops are very long coming from a heavy deep crown. An attractive feature which we like is he only has kickers out of his royals. He also has excellent EBV’s for growth of 11.92 for 12 month. The Duke is a heavy muscular dark coloured sire.  At 4yrs he scored 496 SCI


  • The Duke

    • Spotburn

      • Adonis

        • Terminator

        • Leanna

      • Highlander female

        • Highlander

        • English

    • 07067

      • Tiberius

        • Adonis

        • 00213TF

      • 05070

        • Motdonis

        • 3613LO